Wednesday 3/29 To do list…

I’m not going to be here today, so here is your to do list.

AP Environmental Science 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Period

This documentary is awesome! And weird.   Watch it while you work.

    1. Finish your questions on golf course pesticides if you haven’t already.  I will take these up on Thursday.
    2. If you need to you can work on your lab reports.  Don’t forget, these must be turned in on Thursday.  30pts off for any turned in late.
    3. Don’t forget to finish your study guides.  I will take them up on Thursday.

Read this PowerPoint, and don’t forget the review videos that I posted to help you study for the exam!

AP Biology 6th and 7th Period

1. Watch this video

2. Then watch this

3. Finish the endocrine system question packet that we started at the end of class tuesday

4. Then watch this

5. If you have time, I want you to reverse the little doctor game we played yesterday. Pick any endocrine, neurologial, or cardiorespiratory disorder. Make up a fictional patient, write down all of their imaginary symptoms. On thursday you will submit your patients in a google form, and I will try to diagnose your patient based on your description.

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