11/7/2017 Daily “to do”

AP Environmental Science  1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Period

  1.  You will watch the documentary film:  Mother Earth:  Caring for 7 Billion, and work on the video worksheet that the substitute will provide.  We will complete the worksheet when we finish the film on Wednesday.  (Ms. Shapiro can help start the video if there is a problem)

For the Substitute:  To watch the movie

  1.  Log in on the teacher computer.  
  2. click on file explorer
  3. click on the “s drive” or shared folder
  4. click on the template folder
  5. click on the APES folder
  6. The movie will be in this folder

AP Biology 6th and 7th Period

  1.  Complete the concept map on cells and cancer (the substitute will give you a copy)  Bring it back to class tomorrow.

2.  Grab a laptop and compete the “Click and Learn Activity” (If the laptops are missing, then check with Ms. Baker.

CLICK AND LEARN:  The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer

This worksheet will guide you through the “click and learn” activity.  Complete the worksheet on your laptop, and then print a copy when you are done.  Work in lab pairs to complete this activity.  Due Wednesday


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