AP Environmental Science 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Period

Today I need you to finish watching “strange days on planet earth”.  When its done turn in the video worksheet.

When you finish the video, get a partner, get a computer and complete the following lesson on Fire Ecology

Your homework for the night is to watch this totally awesome video on invasive species.  I expect it to be done by Wednesday.

APES in a BOX Invasive species from Benjy Wood on Vimeo.

AP Biology 6th Period

Grab a computer and complete the following online labs.  Take a picture of the quiz results at the end for proof!

Plant Pigment and Photosynthesis Lab

Cellular Respiration Lab

When you finish, watch this (In my prime I used to get 80mlO2/Kg/Min)  Pretty awesome huh?

10/23/2017 Strange Invaders and Cellular Respiration

Happy Monday!

AP Environmental Science 4th and 5th Period

Watch this video


Complete the video worksheet : Video Snapshot Strange Days on Planet Earth

AP Biology 6th and 7th Period

Today you will use the textbooks to complete the provided Summary Charts for Anaerobic Respiration, Glycolysis, and Krebbs.

Watch Cellular Respiration according to Bozeman

Watch this clip on Creatine Kinase and write down your opinion about whether or not Creatine Supplementation works!  We will  discuss when I return!